Sunday, April 14, 2013


This is one of the day that I will remember the most. The story begins when my friend, Apai, asked me to help his girl friend, from Philippine, to get her a job. Later after that, she got injured. Then, Apai and me went to see her at Kepong. I was in KL and Apai was in Shah Alam. Then, after meeting her, I just remembered that I left the phone that I wanted to lend to her. So, we went back to KL to get the phone. After we had dinner, and discuss a little bit about how she wants to settle down in Malaysia. After that, we were going back to her house, to take her home. I was using the Waze application to get to her house. While I was driving, I was going through a familiar road. I recognized the road because, I think I used it a lot. Then I straight away recognized the road when I saw Damansara Perdana sign board. After that, all I could think about my Special Girl Friend, Kenzie. It's been a while since I last met her, and I would really want to meet her. 

P/S : I miss you sooo much. Hope to see you A.S.A.P ;(

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Best Day Ever

Today is the first time of my year of 2013 that I will remember until the day that I die. Of course there are other days, but this one is going on the blog. Because of what you asked? I went out with my "special" friend for the whole day. Ok, she's a girl and she's a special girl friend. Let me just address her as SGF for now.  I was so excited a day before today and I got to bed very late because I couldn't sleep. So, I had to entrust my future to my trusted cell phone, which I set up an alarm clock in it. I got up early and dressed up and went straight for her at her office. We had late breakfast together near her house at an Iranian Restaurant called Saffron. The food was good. I couldn't help staring at her for her face is the cutest face that I had ever seen on a person. Her skin was so fair and I love the way she uses her cutlery, spinning around the spoon and stuffs. Noticing me staring at her, she quickly stopped me from doing that, because it made her feels nervous, that's what she said.

Then we went to the clinic that she was supposed to go, but unfortunately, the clinic was closed. So we just went to One Utama and had lunch. Again, I could see all the thing from her that fascinated me. All the things from her always make me amazed. I just felt like singing the song "Amazed" and dedicated it to her all of the sudden, haha. Anyways, after that we went for a movie called "It's a Good Day to Die Hard", and it was really good. I found out that I like most of films that has Bruce Willis in it.  Of course I left out some of the details, because the other things is for me and my SGF to keep. I'm hoping that this kind of day will happen again soon.

P/S : To my SGF, you really made my day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy

I dedicated this post to the one person that matters the most in my life. She is the one persons that always supported me through many things. I hope this piece of writings would atleast make your mind and emotion at peace. I know you have problems, and the most recent you have maybe is very troubling you emotionally. Though I have never been in the same situation like you, but I know the pain and understand it a little bit. I almost fall because of it, maybe almost is not the suitable word to describe it. Ok, truthfully, I fell, very hard. But you my dear, are far more stronger than me. I mean, knowing you, you would not even falter because of this. You would not suffer the same fate as me. And believe me, you will strive. I may not have interesting things to say, or something that can make the pain go away, but I hope you know that I will be there for you whenever you need me. I'm just a call away from you.

P/S : I hope you'll have enough rest and manage to control your emotion. Problems like this that makes us stronger. And believe me, every problem has a solution. We can solve it together, don't worry.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


You know how your mind can play SO many tricks on you, until you believed that it's actually REAL? Maybe it has not happened to you yet, but for me, ALWAYS. And always the same old thing. Sometimes, I feel that I'm IMPORTANT, in REALITY I'm just another human being happened to be living on the same earth with billions of others. Sometimes I feel NEEDED, but in REALITY, I was needed as much as a girl or a boy needs a toilet paper when she/he has to use it. Sometimes I think I've done something really GOOD for someone, but  I realized, in REALITY there were many more men did much more interesting and BETTER stuffs, stuffs I couldn't do, to someone. Sometime I feel like I am LIKEN, but in REALITY, someone can LIKE as many person as they want to, and I'm just one of them. And yes, my mind also tricked me in to believing that I'm special, but in REALITY, I'm just as special as a Double Cheese Burger with extra Cheese. Yes, there are so many more tricks I've been played with. Well, that is what you or I would feel, when reality strucks.

P/S : I feel like shit right now, shits are feeling my head. And I only have 1 more week of semester break.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Good and Bad

Hi. It's been 9 days since I last posted on this blog. I thought it'd be longer, but 9 days only? Too many things happened in this past 9 days. But I'm going to focus on today. First of all, I want to wish Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating it. Hope y'all have a nice holiday. So, I'm going to tell about the bad things first. It's not that bad, considering that it happened to me, so I considered it as bad. What is it? I'm having a fever. I don't usually get fever. But when I have it, I feel like I want to die. Even at this very moment, I'm having it and with diarrhea, to make things worst. What to do right, things just happens.

For the good part, here it comes, hehe. I just ordered the 2nd batch of my products, as the balance in my hand is just 300 something. I just sold 700 plus in the past 9 days. It's not that big, but it's a start. Ordered another 1000 bottles and I hope I can sell it faster than the previous one.

P/S : To the special lady who might be reading this, hope I can meet you before this 1st Jan. If you want to meet me on the 1st, I would be more than delightful, but we both know that is not possible. Hope to see you soon :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Melissa Secret Slimming Balm

As you all may see, this is the latest product my company has produced. Ehem2. My company.. Sounds big. Hehe. Yup, just registered it on 12/12/12, nice date huh? Took me a whole day queuing up to get the registration done. But that's a different matter. The importing is that, oh, I forgot to tell you all the product name. It is called, after a long discussion, Slimming Balm. Not actually that special right? Actually, what we were really discussing( "we" are referring to my family) was the name of the company. So, in full, this product here is called MELISSA SECRET SLIMMING BALM. Yup, nothing special, still. But I will try to make atleast the country recognize its name. This has not yet been launched, as the packaging is still not completed. But for me, I had followers and fans, so to not making them wait any longer, I just sell it like that, ofcourse with a lower price. I'm going to meet the packaging guy tomorrow, and expecting to negotiate a good proce for the packaging. So, wish me luck :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stock Arrival

As you all can see, this is the stock I was mentioning in the title. It has 1000 bottles in 14 boxes, and it is supposed to arrive a week ago. Oh, well. I guess no harm done. I'm still thinking on how should I sell these stuffs. Not that I don't have a way, but I want to really make sure that it's the right way. The bottle looks empty right? I mean, there's no stickers, boxes and stuffs. That's because I just got the design for the sticker and the packaging. Will upload it later, because I have some things that need my attention right now. But I WILL upload it later. Before I forgot, just a little message to my dearest who maybe currently resting right now, have a good rest. You know I'm here and always be there for you no matter what happens.